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We are selling premium-quality SPC flooring and provide with all flooring fitting services

Rigid SPC flooring

At Functional Flooring LTD, our commitment to excellence goes beyond providing top-notch SPC flooring products and professional installation services. We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with every aspect of your experience with us.

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- Flooring fitting and laying services are professional services that include installation of different types of flooring in homes or commercial spaces.
- There are various flooring options available, such as laminate, wood, vinyl, carpet, tile, etc. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the style, budget, durability and maintenance preferences of the customer.


The stages of flooring fitting and laying services usually include:
  - Measuring the area and preparing the subfloor
  - Choosing the flooring material and style
  - Ordering and delivering the flooring products
  - Installing the flooring according to the manufacturer's instructions and the relevant standards
  - Finishing and cleaning the flooring
  - Providing aftercare advice and guarantees

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Flooring advising and consultation

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